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Labial Reduction :

Having an extended labia minora always seemed like just one of those things I had to deal with in life. I didn’t know it was something I could change. I was a teenager when it first started to bother me. It extended the length of the outer labia, so it would rub on my underwear. This would often make me sore and obviously very uncomfortable. I was very self-conscious about it. When I became sexually active it was not only embarrassing to have longer labia, but was also somewhat painful. I was searching online when I found that a procedure was available that could reduce the length of my inner labia. I gave it some thought and knew that it would be well worth it for me to rid myself of this issue. I had the procedure done and I can honestly say the pain wasn’t too bad. I’d compare it to having stitches after giving birth. Sure it’s sensitive for awhile, but very manageable. I am currently 2 months out of surgery and feel wonderful. I don’t have the embarrassment that I used to, or the discomfort from things like walking and riding a bike. Even though it was a sensitive subject to discuss at first, I am really glad I chose to have the procedure done. It’s not something that can bother me anymore!
-Tera 27 year old from Portland Oregon

Labial Reduction :

Over the years my body has changed numerous times, I gained weight and lost it, I nipped I tucked and was still left with a nagging little problem. For years Ive been bothered about the size of my inner labia. I was always self conscious about they’re size and they seemed to always be in the way! I didn’t want to take any “personal sexy” poses for my husband because I felt that they were too large and ugly, sex was always a matter of moving things out of the way to get the job done and was always too self conscious to enjoy it. I was always obsessive about cleaning my vaginal area but never felt clean enough. As an avid indoor spinning (Indoor cycling class) fanatic I would regularly sit wrong and feel pain, and become uncomfortable throughout the class. I had seen playboy bunnies, models, even fellow gym goers with smaller labia and always wondered how I could fix the problem, or if it was even possible. I had no one to talk to about this problem and felt like I was the only one whose labia minora were labia major-a!
After hearing about Labial Reduction surgeries being done across the country, with growing popularity I looked it up, and researched as much as I could on the subject. After I expressed my concerns with Dr. Pousti he agreed that I would benefit from a labial reduction surgery.
The day of surgery I was marked for surgery and was informed as to how much we could or should remove, the risks were reiterated to me, and I was all set. Once I awoke from surgery I felt no pain from my recently re-done labia minora. I followed all of the Dr. Pousti’s instructions for the following week. I kept the area iced down, sat on pillows, and took it easy. I was amazed how easy the recovery from this surgery was, and going to the bathroom wasn’t nearly as hard as I had imagined it to be.
Its been five weeks since surgery and I’m incredibly pleased with the results! I no longer feel like I have to move anything around during intimate moments, Ive lost no sensation and can fully enjoy a sexual experience! I feel cleaner and sexier, and more confident. My workouts have improved because I’m no longer afraid I’m going to sit wrong and feel intense labial pain. The surgery has really boosted my confidence in many ways and made me feel like a better woman. It’s an amazing thing, when something bothers you so much and then when its gone your almost a whole new person. This surgery has helped me greatly. I honestly went from feeling like I was the only woman in the world with this problem, the only woman who never felt perfectly cleansed down there, who worried when she was going to sit on her “sensitive’s” again, who worried that I’d never feel 100% relaxed or sexy during marital intimacies. So let me tell you…I am that woman who is clean, healthy, and sexy. .

Labial Reduction:

I had been researching Labial reduction for at least two years before I got lucky enough to meet Dr. Pousti and his amazing team. I was a little nervous calling to make the appointment and dreaded having to actually talk about this personal issue “out loud”. As soon as I heard Erika’s warmth and friendliness on the other end of the line, my nervousness disappeared. She made me feel so comfortable and put me instantly ease. My experience just kept getting better from there. When I walked into the office for my appointment, I was greeted by name and felt like I was visiting with friends rather than having a medical consultation. When Dr. Pousti entered the room and spoke with me, I knew my search for the ideal Doctor stopped right there. He obviously has a profound knowledge of his profession, but he offers so much more than just medical skill. One needs to be in the same room with him to understand. Mere old words can’t possibly do justice in expressing how this man restores peace with his mere presence.

The day of the surgery was a wonderful experience also. I felt more like I was checking into a day spa than a medical facility. When I woke from the anesthesia I felt no pain at all. In fact even days after surgery, the worst I felt was a slight discomfort once or twice. I kept waiting for the real pain Something’s gotta give right? How does one have such a major procedure, have it be a wonderful experience and not suffer any pain or side effects? It’s been almost a month and I feel better than ever! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to shower or moisturize my body and be totally happy with it! I can look in the mirror and actually feel sexy now. I’m excited about having a sexual relationship where I am not self-conscious or inhibited. My spirit feels free!

Anyone considering having a labial reduction, or any procedure really, would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr Pousti. Please don’t hesitate call Dr Pousti’s office and get my contact details. I am more than happy to discuss my experience and procedure either via phone, email or in Dr Pousti’s office. I am so happy I took that first step and made the call. This is about more than just aesthetics, it’s about peace of mind. Dr Pousti has given me this peace and I want to pass it along. So pick up the phone…it really is that easy. Thank you so much to Dr Pousti and his crew! You’ve changed my life and I’m forever grateful!


Hello! First off, I would like to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for the work they have done. They are very friendly. I was very nervous about having this procedure (and even talking about this procedure) but as time went on, Dr. Pousti and his staff helped me and put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend him for any surgery. Dr. Pousti takes time to know exactly what your needs are and makes you feel secure.

Breast Augmentation/Labial Reduction :

I am 31 years old, a teacher and a research practitioner. It was just seven weeks ago that I had both breast augmentation and labia minora reduction procedures by Dr. Tom Pousti. Since both procedures are in very sensitive and private areas, I would not go to just any plastic surgeon. I had many friends make recommendations to me as to where to go and had gone to approximately a dozen consultation (maybe more) from Coronado to Beverly Hills. Once I narrowed it down to the top two, I consulted with them again. I chose Dr. Pousti because he had the best credentials, he is a true artist, and he is the most personable doctor you will ever come across. I know I could trust him and I do not trust many people in general. He took A LOT of time to answer all of my questions and provided me with his expertise in assisting me to “design” the most natural look that I was unfortunately not born with. Additionally, he was very nurturing throughout the entire experience. I am naturally a very anxious person and was quite nervous. I never once felt like “just another patient”. I always felt taken care of.

After I had made my decision, I collected various pictures of what I did not want to look like as well as what I had wanted. Dr. Pousti studied these photos I had brought to him and then asked me questions and together we designed my new breasts and labia minora. You are probably thinking what is that? It is the stretchy inner lips of the vagina and I was very uncomfortable with the way mine appeared. It interfered with my sexual encounters since I was a late teen. I was embarrassed and I can say I am extremely happy with the results. (I had asked my OBGYN on various occasions if they could do this procedure and they did not recommend it. They even had said that there was a good chance of losing sensitivity during intercourse. Well, I can vouch that that is not true. It is even more wonderful than it was before!).

Before I really speak to my results, let me tell you about the actual day of the procedure. I showed up early on Friday morning at the Grossmont Surgical Center. The nurses were absolutely wonderful! They brought me into a little area where I changed out of my clothes and into my gown and slippers. Sounds like I was about to get a spa treatment, huh? Well, that is how they treated me. I sat in a very comfortable lazy-boy chair. The nurses put warm blankets on me and gave me something to feel very relaxed, but not too relaxed because I was to speak with Dr. Pousti one last time prior to being rolled into surgery. We looked at all of the pictures again and had conversations in regard to my desired results. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable! Then I began to feel the anxiety of pre-surgery and the nurses took care of that with a little IV. Didn’t feel a thing! Next, I was introduced to the other staff members ~ all very nice and taking care of my every need. Shortly after, I was rolled in but I do not remember.

Next thing I knew, I had breasts and an improved vaginal appearance! I felt no pain. My friend was there to take me home, but first they gave me a couple of pain-killers. It was a short ride home (I slept through it) and I walked up my stairs to my bedroom. My bed was arranged with three pillows propped up and smaller pillows for my arms to rest on. I also had a pillow for under my butt to prevent swelling in the labia area. (I had set this all up prior to leaving the house that morning which I highly recommend). I had all of my pills within reach as well as the remote to the TV and bottled water with a straw. The fridge was stocked and my friends who helped me the first three days were great!

I saw Dr. Pousti on Monday and everything looked great. My breasts were a little swollen and my labia minora looked better than I had imagined! The first week I was slow but moving around by day 5 with no problems. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti as your surgeon. I am probably the most high maintenance patient Dr. Pousti has ever had “to deal with” and can be very difficult because of my very high expectations, but Dr. Pousti couldn’t have done a better job. Now I am back for laser hair removal!

Labial Reduction :

I had labial reduction surgery a few months ago and I’m extremely pleased with the results. Also, this is very important: extended labia is not something women discuss with even their closest friends, so I was very appreciative of the discretion given my case.

First a little history: I have always had somewhat of a problem with extended labia, even as a teenager. I was used to the inconvenience of having to push my labia open when I urinated (so I wouldn’t wet myself or the seat), but as time went by, I developed a more severe problem. I gave birth three times in my 30’s, and then I started menopause early at age 44. After a couple of years into menopause, my condition got more inconvenient and uncomfortable (no more bike rides, for example). Eventually I found that I had to push open my labia in order to have sex. Yikes, I said to myself – it’s time to get something done! I did a lot of research on the internet and found myself going back again and again to Dr. Pousti’s website. I made an appointment and when I arrived, I was treated with sensitivity and discretion. Everyone has experienced those “loud mouth” people in other offices – yelling out your name and problem for everyone to hear. Well, you don’t have to worry about that at Dr. Pousti’s office. Everyone acts like you’re there just to have a little chat with the doctor :-) And by the way, you will enjoy your visit with Dr. Pousti. He is really “with” you every time you see him. He is genuinely concerned and takes all the time you need for questions. His touch is very gentle, considerate, and professional.

The first thing I remember after waking from my surgery was Dr. Pousti’s face. He was patting my shoulder telling me I would feel no pain. Oh sure, I thought to myself. Well, it was true – he was right – I felt no pain! But I did feel a little pinch, so when I got home I took a pain pill, then I went to the bathroom. The little pinch turned out to be the sanitary napkin pinching my skin. After adjusting the pad, I was fine and never had to take another pill. This was the most amazing surgery I’ve ever experienced (and I’ve had plenty). And the best thing of all is that I am more than happy with the results. I feel “normal” again!

Ask Dr. Pousti if you can do this for yourself after surgery: I have a dark tan complexion (similar to Dr. Pousti) and I scar easily. When the incision was healed, I felt scar tissue forming, so I purchased some Maderma cream (for healing scar tissue) and put that on morning and night. It made a big difference in my comfort and the healing process. I was afraid I was going to get as tight as a virgin – but maybe that’s what “you” will want! :-)

Get in there and get your problem removed. I’m sorry I waited so many years. Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes sex is better than ever because Dr. Pousti was extra gentle and careful around that “sensitive” spot.

Labial Reduction :

Two weeks ago I had labial reduction surgery and I could not be more pleased. It looks so good and at only two weeks post surgery! I went in for a consult with Dr. Pousti and three weeks later I was having the surgery done. I am 23 years old and suffered problems from my labia minora since my very early teens. A few years ago I heard about the procedure and up until that time, I didn’t know there was anything wrong with me. After doing more and more research, I decided I wanted to have it done. I had it narrowed down to three doctors and out of those three, Dr. Pousti was the best doctor, in my eyes for the job. The day of my surgery, I was very nervous, like to the point of almost having a panic attack. Dr. Pousti reassured me everything would be fine and not to worry. One of my fears was pain. He told me that when I woke up, I would feel no pain and I didn’t. I could not believe how little pain this surgery involved. I was amazed when I walked right out of the hospital and ate my lunch on my ride back home to Palm Springs. Let me say that Dr. Pousti is the most considerate doctor that I have ever seen. He really cares about his patients. His staff is incredible. Everybody is so friendly and they make you feel so relaxed. Even the hospital where my procedure was performed was great. They just really make you feel good about yourself. If you are thinking of plastic surgery, Dr. Pousti is, in my opinion, the best doctor in the world! If I ever want more plastic surgery, he is the ONLY doctor I will let operate on me.

I had my surgery about six weeks ago and I am very pleased with my results. I was nervous and a bit scared about how I would feel afterward. I actually felt great. Dr. Pousti has been a great doctor and I will continue to use him if need be for anything. I’ve already recommended him to a few close friends. Thanks for everything!

- A. J.

Labia Reduction:

I had been insecure about my labia for many years, and finally decided to have labia reduction surgery. I did lots of research online, and was very impressed by all of Dr. Pousti’s before and after pictures. Today I am 7 weeks post-op, and I could not be happier with the results. It looks even more beautiful than I could have imagined! I encourage anyone who is considering the procedure to do it. You will not regret it! I only wish I had done it sooner!

Labia Reduction:

After years of discomfort and embarrassment, I began researching online, and realized that in order to “fix my problem”. I would need labia reduction surgery. I was glad I had found a way to fix this, but now a bit nervous I would need surgery, and in that area made me even more nervous. After researching for a while, I narrowed it down to Dr. Pousti. His website was very helpful and reading all the testimonials eased me quite a bit! I decided to and glad I did! Dr. Pousti and his staff were GREAT! The girls are very friendly and professional, as well as Dr. Pousti. I would recommend him to any one considering cosmetic surgery! The surgery itself also went very well. There was really no pain at all! Recovery went well, and was back to normal in a lot less time then I had anticipated. Over all my experience was more then I had hoped. Thank you Dr. Pousti and his staff. I recommend him 100%!!!

Labia Reduction:

I have been suffering from discomfort of my labia from my very early teens. I had dramatic weight gain as a teenager and first began to notice the problem. I am proud to say that I have lost 89 lbs. But no matter how much the rest of my body shrunk and got smaller that part just wouldn’t. It is very frustrating to work so hard to feel beautiful but still not be satisfied. I didn’t know there was anything that could be done about it until about a year ago. I did my research and found Dr. Pousti to be the best choice based on other testimonials and before and after pictures. The Dr. is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. I am sooo sooo happy with my results. I didn’t think it was possible, but thanks to him it is. And his staff are so warm and friendly and very understanding. Of course you would be uncomfortable at first, I was, but I assure you you spend one minute with the doc and his staff and you mind and heart will be at ease. This experience has truly been a blessing because it no longer a dream it is finally real. I am sure you will find your experience to be the same.

Labia Reduction / Breast Augmentation Surgery:

I came to Dr. Pousti, because I was interested in both having a labia reduction as well as breast augmentation. The office staff and Dr. Pousti were so welcoming, warm, answered all my questions, in a very professional manner. I was still very nervous about it all: the surgery, if it would be painful, everything that one worries about. Thus, I opted to just have the labia reduction, and to then return later for the breast augmentation, if the one, less invasive surgery went well. I now wish I would have done them both! I recovered quickly from the labia reduction, and am very pleased with the results. Just beautiful. If, or when, I finally decide on breast augmentation, I will be going back to Dr. Pousti. Additionally, if anyone I know and care about were to ever want any sort of cosmetic procedure, I would not let them go to anyone else. Best of luck to you and your journey.

Labia Reduction:

I’ve been self-conscious about my longer labia since I was 16, and I finally decided to have labia reduction to make me feel better, Dr. Pousti performed this procedure under local anesthesia and the surgery was a piece of cake. The entire procedure took ½ hour to 45 minutes, and there was very little pain. The recovery time for me was just 3 days… I had it done Tuesday afternoon, and I was back to work on Friday. Afterward, it just felt like pinching, but that’s it! Dr. Pousti and staff made me very uncomfortable about this embarrassing procedure. I am not so abnormal after all! I love the results.. I am no longer self-conscious, and I am very happy with my decision to have this done after all these years, and happy that I found Dr. Pousti to make me beautiful.

San Diego, California

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